Cecking your hot water heater for leaks once a month is an easy task to ensure proper operation.  Especially if you have just moved into a new condo or bought a new home, because faulty installations will many times be covered by the builders warranty. Identifying the problem or leak early during this warranty period will help ensure you  do not pay for the water heater repair or replacement.

We have seen some improper water heater installations in new construction which resulted in leaking. In one case the leak was from the inlet pipe which was not properly sealed. this small leak lead to damage to the flooring. Unfortunately the leak was not discovered in the time that was allotted for warranty repair by the builder and the home owner was left with the bill to fix the leak and replace the wood flooring.  The next time you are near your water heater take a casual glance at the water heater surroundings; as this may save you time and money in the future.

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