Bathroom Plumbing

Bathroom Sink Services
  • Sink Installations & Repair
  • Faucet Replacement and repair & Repair

Tips on sinks:

  • Brand Does not matter as much as material
  • Most kitchen and bathroom faucets come with a lifetime warranty that covers leaks and stains. But if you have a problem, the manufacturer will give you just the replacement part. It will be up to you to install it.
  • Consider the height of the faucet and the flow, to avoid splashing and dripping on the counter.
Toilet Installation and Repair Service
  • Toilet Installation
  • Toilet Repair &  Leak Repair

Tips on Toilets:

  • If your toilet is continuously leaking and you have a new A flapper valve and fill valve, your home water pressure may be too high and an pressure regulator will fix this problem. 
  • A sluggish toilet flush may indicate a clogged drain. 
Shower Head
  • Shower Head Installation
  • Shower Head Leak Repair

Tips on Shower Heads:

  • Using a newer shower head with the reduced flow filter will save money and help conserve water.
  • Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and tie it around the shower head. Let the shower head soak for 20 min then remove the bag and notice how clean it got!

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