Water Heater Installation

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Water Heater Installation Services

  • Installation
  • Repair
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We provide Gas and Electric water heater installation for many brands. NCWHS is licensed, insured and bonded for your protection. Water heater installation is important, let us help you choose the correct one! Buy the water heater directly from us or from an other vendor, and let us install it for you.

Standard Installation includes:

  • Disconnecting the old unit
  • Installing the new unit in the same area
  • Reconnecting existing gas, water, or electric lines
  • Up to 5 feet of discharge tube and or water pipe
  • As needed small extras such as nipples, couplings and copper tubing for direct reconnect
  • Testing Unit for proper operation
  • Job site clean up
  • Hauling old water heater for disposal

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Tankless Water Heter Installation:

We offer FREE estimates for tankless water heaters!

Here are some benefits of tankless water heaters:

  • Up to $300 Federal Tax Credit
  • Save Energy – No Standby Heat Loss
  • Requires less space
  • Never run our of hot water
  • Lasts 5-10 years longer than a tank water heater
  • No risk of a ruptured tank flooding

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About Water Heaters

Tips and Advice:

Q: Choose your fuel source: Gas or Electric?
  • Gas water heaters are cheaper to operate, and less efficient. Electric higher energy costs, but more efficient to operate.
  • Q: Tank or tankless?
  • Tank water heaters heat stored water. They are great for high usage and economical. They are easy to store.
  • Tankless water heaters require less space and offers about 30% less energy usage. More expensive up front, needs venting, not great for heavy usage.
  • Q: I want to buy a tank water heater, how many gallons do I need?
  • 1-2 people: > 30gallons
  • 3-4 people: 30-50 gallons
  • 5+ people: 50-80 gallons
  • Take a look at some of the work we have done.

    In this before picture you can see the damage a unchecked leaking water heater can have on it surroundings. Notice all the mold and water damage. We came to the job site removed the old heater. The owners then hired  a contractor to remove the moldy drywall, treat the mold on the interior wall and then install new drywall and paint. We then returned to the job site and installed the new heater.


    Before with mold


    New water heater

    In this before picture you can see the fire damage to the water heater and its surroundings.





    Here are images of standard replacements or new installs.

    Water Heater Installation





    Water Heater Installation


    Did you notice the clean copper pipping work?

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